Our Long Lasting Yoga Pants Go Global

An amazing story from one of our fabulous customers we had to share…

To TallWater Jeans!!,

You probably hear so much about how women around the country and probably globally love your pants. To add to it, I just wanted to tell you my story and why what you do has been so great. My name is Allie, I am 27 years old and 6 ft tall with a 37″ inseam. Back in high school and college, I spent many waitressing paychecks at the Buckle in those “not so desired” trendy jeans for $120 only to be disappointed. It was either those white stitch, thong showing, trendy hole-in-the-knee jeans from The Buckleā€¦ or I could always resort to the normal jeans fashioned as capris. Not to mention, finding women’s yoga and running pants long enough was completely out of the question.

Growing up in Colorado, I love everything about the outdoors; running, hiking, climbing, camping etc. On my first visit to your site, via a google “37” inseam jeans,” I immediately saw your yoga pants and was thrilled. I have to say, I have invested in Lululemons long yoga pants and have been extremely satisfied, but it has been your one pair that I bought almost 4 years ago and continue to wear almost 3-4 times a week. With weekly machine washes, they have lasted four years of daily wear and tear, many many hot yoga classes, 4 weeks camping in the Masai Mara in Kenya and just recently, a 21 day hike in them through the Himalayas summiting Thurong La Pass at 18,000ft.

Fighting 11 climate changes, leaches, and thorns in Nepal, your pants held up like a dream! After all this, they are starting to rip at the seams (as they should have probably two years ago) and I am placing my new order tonight. I just wanted to tell you that you gals have made it possible to travel, hike, practice yoga, and much more in pants that do not act as capris or are not men’s (thank God!) I would buy these pants 10X over Lululemons and I do love me some Lulus. So I hope you take this to heart and appreciate your work.

Just wanted to send a note of thanks.


Here’s a picture of your yoga pants at the pass of the Annapurna Circuit (18,000ft) in Nepal! Thought I would share:)
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