Tall Maxi Dress

One of our favorite things about warm weather is easy, breezy summer dresses. We have created the perfect extra long maxi dress for tall women, the Karlie. There are so many things we love about this versatile dress…

  • Extra long
  • Super comfortable
  • Flexible elastic waistband
  •  Flattering blouson top
  • Adjustable straps
  • Double lined skirt


Extra Long maxi full 1_small

Extra long maxi top_small

Extra Long Maxi cardi_small

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TallWater Jeans Featured on Long Leggy Blog

Check out the latest blog post that TallWater Jeans was just featured in from our tall counterpart at Long. Leggy. Lovin it!:  “Tall Entrepreneurial Sister For the Win”. Her blog features in her own words “Tips and tidbits about life in the tall lane”.

me and sis2


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Our Long Lasting Yoga Pants Go Global

An amazing story from one of our fabulous customers we had to share…

To TallWater Jeans!!,

You probably hear so much about how women around the country and probably globally love your pants. To add to it, I just wanted to tell you my story and why what you do has been so great. My name is Allie, I am 27 years old and 6 ft tall with a 37″ inseam. Back in high school and college, I spent many waitressing paychecks at the Buckle in those “not so desired” trendy jeans for $120 only to be disappointed. It was either those white stitch, thong showing, trendy hole-in-the-knee jeans from The Buckle… or I could always resort to the normal jeans fashioned as capris. Not to mention, finding women’s yoga and running pants long enough was completely out of the question.

Growing up in Colorado, I love everything about the outdoors; running, hiking, climbing, camping etc. On my first visit to your site, via a google “37” inseam jeans,” I immediately saw your yoga pants and was thrilled. I have to say, I have invested in Lululemons long yoga pants and have been extremely satisfied, but it has been your one pair that I bought almost 4 years ago and continue to wear almost 3-4 times a week. With weekly machine washes, they have lasted four years of daily wear and tear, many many hot yoga classes, 4 weeks camping in the Masai Mara in Kenya and just recently, a 21 day hike in them through the Himalayas summiting Thurong La Pass at 18,000ft.

Fighting 11 climate changes, leaches, and thorns in Nepal, your pants held up like a dream! After all this, they are starting to rip at the seams (as they should have probably two years ago) and I am placing my new order tonight. I just wanted to tell you that you gals have made it possible to travel, hike, practice yoga, and much more in pants that do not act as capris or are not men’s (thank God!) I would buy these pants 10X over Lululemons and I do love me some Lulus. So I hope you take this to heart and appreciate your work.

Just wanted to send a note of thanks.


Here’s a picture of your yoga pants at the pass of the Annapurna Circuit (18,000ft) in Nepal! Thought I would share:)
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Monochromatic Fall Look

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

As many of you may know my daytime job is as a manager and makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. This means my wardrobe consists of lots and lots of black clothing and shoes as that is what the dress code calls for. For me, this is not an issue as I absolutely love the color black and feel great when I am wearing it. I had recently done some fall shopping for some new work clothes and boots and thought I would do a post on one of my favorite looks that I purchased. I adore this faux fur long vest I purchased at Target and know I will get a ton of use out of it since it can be worn in so many different ways. As a bonus it is nice and warm for those of us who live in areas where it is starting to cool off as fall is upon us (side note this is my absolute favorite time of the year)! I also am loving these boots that I got at DSW (my go to for shoes) because they can be worn folded over as shown to reveal a cute plaid detail, or completely up to be more of a combat style boot. Being on my feet all day at work I need comfortable shoes so my feet are not killing me by the time I am done working an 8 or 9 hour shift. I finished the look off with a black short sleeve dress from Nordstrom Rack and my FAVORITE leggings of all time (they are made by the makers of Spanx need I say more). I wear these leggings all the time with everything as they hold you in and are nice and opaque. You will NOT regret purchasing the leggings, trust me 😉

Get The Look:

Dress: Wayf (similar dress)

Leggings: Assets by Sara Blakely

Faux Fur Vest: Mossimo at Target

Boots: Rock and Candy by Zigi

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Ever Wondered Which Airlines Offer the Most Legroom?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Which airlines offer the most legroom”? If you are tall like us (6’2” and 6’3” respectively), the answer to this question is undoubtedly YES! There are many uncomfortable aspects of flying, but topping the list for us tall folks is being crammed into a seat designed for someone half our size (aka: lack of legroom). Plane seating is not much better than the horrible yellow school bus seating we spent a good portion of our childhood squished into, sitting diagonally not allowing anyone to sit down next to us. And don’t even get us started on short people who sit in the exit row on airlines. That’s enough to make even the nicest tall person glare with hatred as they walk past the unassuming short stranger stretched out in comfort thoroughly enjoying their extra space.

We have done some research on airline legroom and here is what you need to know to avoid being a bitter and uncomfortable tall person next time you fly …

For most tall people to sit comfortably on an airplane, you need a seat with a pitch of 32” or more (preferably more). Seat pitch refers to the space between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it. Unfortunately, standard seat pitch on airlines is 31” (seeing a problem here?). It’s also interesting to note that there are no FAA rules or regulations on seat pitch other than rules requiring sufficient pitch at exit rows.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 5.33.59 PM

Over the past few years many carriers have began charging more money for seats with extra legroom. This includes, but is not limited to, seats in the front of the coach cabin, emergency aisle seating and reconfigured seats with a little more legroom such as United’s “Economy Plus”. For those of us who do not want to pay extra every time we want to be comfortable while flying, there’s still hope. According to a 2013 report from flight search site Routehappy.com called “Size Matters: Finding the Best Seats in the Sky,” 13% of US flights have roomier seats in regular economy at no extra cost.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 5.41.30 PM

If you look at the overall percentage of US domestic flights it tells a slightly different story.  Every seat in Regular Economy on JetBlue and Virgin America offers 32” or more seat pitch. Alaska is close behind with 96% of their seats automatically being roomier.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 5.42.26 PM

Bottom line, if you want to find a roomy airline seat for your long legs and don’t want to pay extra, check out the following 5 airlines.


Virgin America



US Airways

Even better, if you would like to get information on specific airline seats check out seatexpert.com or seatguru.com to find the best economy seats on the plane (yes, they do differ slightly based on location).

Finally, here is one more chart that shows the top 10 most comfortable airline seats by region.

Happy flying!



The New York Times 

The Huffington Post




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The Skinny Jean For Tall Curvy Ladies


There are some women who live in their jeans. I am not one of those women—well, I haven’t historically been, anyway.

It’s not for not wanting to wear superbly-fitted jeans day in, day out. It’s rather that at a curvy 32-33 in most designer denim with a 36″+ inseam, I am at the end of a size range, with my more classical body proportions rarely accounted for.  I’m waist-y, hipp-y, and thigh-y, and most designer jeans only accentuate these realities in a not-so-flattering way. Tall jeans from mainstream retailers offer a better fit, but I miss the heft of premium denim, the attention to detail, and the uniform precision of the cuts. I’ve settled with many less-than-ideal bottoms for the weekend, and more often than not, opt for a skirt or a dress for a precise fit at the waist, and ample coverage of the hips and thighs for the day-to-day. I admit it: I’ve wanted not just a skinny jean, but a great skinny jean that makes me look—if not skinny, skinnier—for a while now. It’s like holding out for a proverbial glass slipper in my own denim Cinderella story.

Kacy 1

Brandi Skinny Jean c/o TallWater Jeans, La Via 18 cotton peplum top, J. Renee metallic snake heels, Dogeared rose gold dipped earrings

My premium denim fairy godmother is none other than TallWater Jeans. TallWater is a premium denim brand founded by 6’2″ and 6’3″ twin sisters Lynn and Kate, offering adornment-free, staple cuts intentionally proportioned for the tall frame, from the sylph-like to the curvy. I can say with complete honesty that I’ve never found a skinny jean that fits me like the Brandi does, and would fit any taller girl, size 12 (32)+ as well as it would smaller sizes. The “skinny” is forgiving for a leg-hugging style, offering a thicker, stretch fabrication in an inky wash that holds tight and obscures any flaws. With extra room in the thighs and in the calves, the look reads slim without being restrictive, and the mid rise covers the hips and offers a glove-like hug with no annoying tugging, thanks to a thicker waistband—a particularly recommended rise for ladies with a significant measurement difference between waistline and hips (which, as Lynn and Kate note, is a more common female body shape than “beanstalk”). The icing on the cake is Brandi’s generous 37″ inseam (perfect for wearing with heels, as I will always do, happy to be teetering around at 6’8″) and proportional, unembellished rear pockets that offer a streamlined, crisp look.

Kacy 2

Brandi Skinny Jean c/o TallWater Jeans, La Via 18 cotton peplum top, J. Renee metallic snake heels, Dogeared rose gold dipped earrings

I felt like a jeans girl when I donned the Brandi, and was atypically eager to show off the great fit from every angle, wearing a crop-length peplum top from La Via 18 by Piazzia Sempione as I wore them out for the first time.For tall women who have never felt comfortable and confident enough with their bottom halves to feel like they could live in their jeans, I wholeheartedly recommend TallWater and the Brandi. This is jean that—from first wear—will change your entire perspective.


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A Vivid Cool Dress for a Dry Sizzling Night

kate1 kate2 kate3 My family met in Scottsdale, Arizona to spend some quality time together for Labor Day Weekend. The weather in Arizona in September is extremely warm, darn near sizzling! We rented a house with an amazing pool and breathtaking views of the desert as far as the eye could see. Although sweltering, we had to appreciate the bright blue sky and lack of even a single cloud the entire time we were there. This particular night we went into downtown Scottsdale for a wonderful dinner. With the extreme heat (in the 90’s even after the sun goes down), I had to dress accordingly. This sleeveless short dress was perfect as it kept me cool and the vivid colors added a pop to the desert surroundings. I love the fit of this dress, the tulip shape is great, it cinches you in at the rib cage and gives you a little room in the stomach area and hips. This dress also has hidden pockets which are great to stash my lip gloss, ID and money. I added some gold accessories and was ready to go to town for dinner!

Get The Look:

Dress: JC Penney (similar dress)

Necklace: Nordstrom (similar necklace)

Sunglasses: Arden B (similar sunglasses)

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Tall Brand Q&A: Lynn and Kate Of TallWater Jeans


Lynn and Kate Bio

As a tall, curvier woman, I’ve historically struggled with finding tall-friendly, designer styles that fit and flatter, no tugging, bare ankles, unsightly whiskering, or precipitously low rises entailed. That’s why I couldn’t be more delighted to feature Lynn and Kate, the gorgeous, savvy, smart, and well-heeled twin sister founders of tall designer denim brand TallWater Jeans (purveyors of my new favorite jean, the Brandi skinny, a slim jean that flatters even more generous thighs). At 6’2″ and 6’3″ respectively, Lynn and Kate intimately understand designing denim for the taller frame, and have made it their mission to create a range of impeccably-fitted, high quality, timeless, made-in-the-U.S.A. denim styles (plus, great yoga pants and a maxi) for tall women of all shapes and sizes. The TallWater jean feels different from the first try-on, and it is actually different from any tall jean you’ll pick up at a mainstream brand. Not just because it fits out of the box like it was truly made for you—and in many ways, it was—but because it is representative of these two impressive sisters’ commitment to making a better product, at a good price, that will outlast trends and become that second-skin staple that many of us had only ever dreamed of. Without further ado, here’s the TallWater story!


Lynn and Kate bio full body


TW: We had been frustrated since we were teenagers with the lack of stylish clothing options for tall women. We spent years scouring websites and stores for the perfect pair of tall jeans—and when we did find a rare extra-long inseam, the jeans would be very low rise and uncomfortable. We quickly realized that you cannot take a pattern that was designed for someone who’s 5’5″ and just lengthen it for someone who is 6’2″. It’s a different body type all together. You need to start from scratch. And since nobody else seemed to be willing to do that, we decided to do it ourselves.


TW: TallWater Jeans are correctly proportioned for a tall woman’s body, with longer length, increased rise and runs, and wider leg openings for a variety of our styles. They’re made of high quality denim, in figure-flattering cuts and washes. And they’re made in America. We don’t necessarily have a typical customer. Women who shop on our site range from teenagers, to college athletes, to professionals, to mothers and grandmothers. The common theme is that our customers are tall (5’10″ plus and looking for stylish pants to fit their tall frame.


TW: It’s a ton of fun and once you get past all of the foundational work that comes with starting a business, the design part is pretty easy. On the downside, there is a reason tall garments cost more—you need quite a bit of extra fabric to make pants with extra long inseams.


TW: Our jeans and yoga pants have been designed with the help of a veteran denim master and are manufactured by experienced industry professionals (we were very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time).We do all of ourmanufacturing in LA using local production and labor. Our fabric is sourced from all over the United States depending on our needs and the availability.

A few more things that make us unique:

  • We custom designed our pockets to flatter the booty
  • We use reclaimed fabric pocket lining for all our jeans
  • The hardware on our jeans is clean and modern

TW:  Awesome. It was great to always have a best friend, someone to talk to, confide in, experience life with, and have your back no matter what. Being tall never really seemed that awkward because we had each other. We went through periods of being closer and being a little more distant but we always had one another for support. Living far apart for almost ten years now has been really difficult—some days are harder than others. Owning and operating a company together has been wonderful, it gives us more reasons to visit one another.



  • Wear heels, they’re sexy and everyone is looking down at your feet anyway so give them something to look at.
  •  You don’t have to play basketball just because you’re tall. In the end, nobody will care but you.
  •  Your height is unique and makes you stand out in the crowd—use that to your advantage!


  • Being tall is not something that you can change, so own it and wear it confidently.
  • Be proud of who you are (whomever that is).
  • Do not let your height dictate who you choose to date, that will only limit your options for meeting the partner of your dreams. My husband is much shorter than I am and both of us are absolutely fine with that. We are both confident in ourselves and in our relationship. Do not try to fit into what society dictates to be the norm, make your own norm and live your own life.

TW: We were contacted by a woman who was participating in the Miss Tall International Pageant at the Tall Convention in Washington D.C. in July. She was interested in wearing a pair of our jeans for a rap she was performing for the talent portion of the competition. Of course we sent her a pair! We were so excited that she would be wearing our jeans in the pageant!


TW: Our customers LOVE our black Brooke yoga pant. We can’t keep them in stock! Our Kat flare is also very popular, which is one of our favorites. The style is so unique and the wide flare is perfect for tall proportions. We are loving high-waisted jeans and hope to manufacture a style for our customers in the near future. Also, we never thought we would say this, but skinny jeans are not going out of style any time soon. Having a good pair of black and colored skinny jeans is a must. Oh, and white denim is everywhere.


TW: We would love to continue to expand our line and offer more styles for our customers. It would also be great to collaborate with other designers on new styles. This summer, we are ramping up our blog and other social channels in order to give tall women everywhere inspiration on how to look stylish and dress to impress when you are over 5’10” tall.


Lynn: I love the Kimora slim boot. It’s sexy and great with heels. Also, I practically live in our Serena wide leg knit pants because they are so versatile. They are my “comfy pants” for lounging around the house, they are great for running errands on the weekend, and they’re perfect for traveling since I like to be comfortable and stylish when I fly.

Kate:  I love the Kat flare and Elle bootcut  jeans. I wear both of them all the time and love how classic they both are! I never have to worry about the length or wearing a belt to hold them up since they are midrise. I love that.


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Incorporating Color Into Your Wardrobe With A Pop of Pink

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3
photo 1

I can be pretty girly at times and I love a pop of pink – especially magenta. I received this silk tank from Long Tall Sally as a Christmas gift a few years back but have not worn it very much due to the low placed cut-outs on the bust. All of my bras peek out from underneath which is not exactly the look I want. I recently purchased a one size fits most nude cami from Tees by Tina and realized that it was the perfect solution to my problems with this top! Don’t you just love bringing back pieces from the depths of your closet to spice up your current style?

On this particular day I had a video conference call and an in person meeting so I thought this color would read well on screen and I wanted to be comfortable for running around town afterward. This top is pretty bright so I decided to keep the rest of my look neutral and style it with black pieces. I must confess, I have been living in my black skinny jeans for the past year or two – they are one of the most versatile wardrobe staples you can have. In addition to my skinny jeans, I have been getting quite a bit of use out of these black Audrey Brooke flats that I purchased at DSW. They are ridiculously comfortable and easy to dress up and down. I walk all over San Francisco on a daily basis, so comfortable and stylish flats are a must for me. The material of these shoes is rubber-like and they are lightweight and flexible. Lastly, I paired this look with my Olivia + Joy editor’s tote made from vegan leather and I was out the door. Major bonus with this purse is that it fits my laptop but is much smaller than my other work totes which double as me airplane carry-ons.

Get the Look:

Top: Long Tall Sally (similar tanks)

Cami (under tank): Tees by Tina

Pants: Alloy (similar jeans)

Necklace: Pixley via Stitch Fix (similar necklaces)

Bracelet: Senhoa

Bag: Olivia + Joy

Shoes: Audrey Brooke

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Why Investing In Tall-Dedicated Designer Denim Makes Plenty Of Cents



Featured above: Lynn and Kate, Co-Founders of TallWater Jeans

Popular since the 1970s as a “bridge” staple (a sample of the luxury/couture space at a more accessible price point), designer denim today is practically ubiquitous, with Citizens of Humanity burgundy and gold labels marking the back pockets of bootcuts everywhere, as far as the eye can see (oh, but are you pear shaped? Try Paige. Long and lean? Try J. Brand. Apple shaped? Try AG.) Most of us have gulped down the Kool-Aid, in sugar-hungry anticipation of the release of True Religion’s latest coated denim skinny—I was very much guilty of designer denim coveting until I was able to see that that mainstream designer didn’t *really* work for me, and never really had.

When I was working as a stylist, I carried around a mental shortlist matching denim brands and body types to help my clients see the worth in finding the perfect, figure-enhancing fit that would hold up over time, becoming synonymous with each client’s sartorial signature. And yet, I was living a double life—recommending the designer denim investment while restricted to the same styles that barely fit but mostly didn’t. When I tried designer, the result was disappointing at best, demoralizing at worst. The length of the J. Brand skinnies hovered perfectly at ankle, but the “high-rise” was precipitously low (even on my short torso). Paige flares started flaring above the knee, if they rested comfortably between hip and waist. And the slim boot AGs—the veritable pajamas of designer denim—felt like a dream, and also felt like they’d be lost at the slightest contortion, the back pockets dragging southward. Instead of accepting that designer denim was not for me—a 6’4″ and not-tiny size 32— I continued to accept sub-par fits in exchange for great washes, substantial fabrications, and in large part, the satisfaction of being part of a club that didn’t really want me as a member.

I  recently had the pleasure of trying TallWater jeans—a small tall-targeted designer brand, and the difference was revelatory, though now seems blindingly obvious—proportions just change the taller you get. Waists get longer, so rises need to be brought up. Legs get longer, but wider too on most women above 5’10″—room required lengthwise and widthwise for taller thighs and calves. Waistbands need more thickness to rest comfortably (and stay) between hip and midriff. Front pockets need reshaping, and back pockets need to take up proportionally more area relative to the back silhouette. It’s a job best suited to designers who intimately get that when designing for tall figures (not tacking on length and calling it “tall” as most high-street/mass manufacturing retailers will do), all of the details beyond length matter too. For me, trying TallWater jeans proved both a lesson both in body acceptance as well as a lesson in making the commitment to brands who genuinely want and appreciate us tall women as customers.

Brandi Skinny

In the next week, I will be featuring an interview with Lynn and Kate, the lovely 6’2″ and 6’3″ twin sister founders ofTallWater about how their denim company came to be, and feature a review of their jeans. In addition, I will recommend brands and care tips for tall women (and men) to ensure that you get the best fit for your unique shape (whether slim, athletic, or curvy) and can care for and maintain the style that works for you. So when it comes to picking out your next pair of jeans, consider investing in tall-dedicated designer jeans. They’re so worth the monetary savings that will come from not buying another pair of ill-fitting designer or mid-range jeans, as well as avoiding the mainstream designer heartache. Because you not only deserve better—you should expect it.


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